We are the leading consulting & training firm in the area of project management. Our mission is to
provide complex improvement in the level and culture of project execution.
We cater to all domestic and industrial needs through our consultancy services :-

 CIVIL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION -with improved interiors and exteriors forms A Manyata
consultancy service is an Award Winning Residential Contractor specializing in providing High-
Quality Homes, Products and Craftsmanship to our Clients. We firmly believe that each and
every Project should receive the same Attention to Detail and Quality, regardless if it is a Porch
Addition or construction of a new Two- Home. You deserve the best and it is our responsibility
to take care of Your Dreams.

 OFFICE/HOME- Interior and Partitioning, Chamber Designing, Aluminum Glass Partition, Office
Furniture, seating Arrangements.

 ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING- Manyata International has a superb track record in
completing commercial, retail, institutional, industrial and residential projects to the highest
standards. Our comprehensive suite of services will provide the expertise to bring your project
to a successful conclusion. Whether you’re looking for a solution for electrical services alone or
one that integrates the wider scope of combined building services, mi offers you the input of an
experienced and accountable team and supply of best quality items.

 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – supply of chemicals to factories, tea estates, and projects as & when

 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Tailor made Fabrication Jobs to suit to the requirements.

 POWER ENGINEERING- Power needs assessment of domestic and industrial establishments.
Plans and designs of cost effective, sustainable and durable power gadgets and fittings.
We have Project Managers, consultants and trainers at our disposal with international certification and
expertise in global project management standard. Our plans and consultancies have been attended by
efficient & number of managers and execution team members from diverse organization.